Our Story

A medical doctor and an international education expert went on career breaks and moved to Australia to share their knowledge and experience, to study, to learn and to meet new people from all walks of life. Having travelled a lot, it has been an amazing experience setting up a new life, new environment and a new circle of friends in Melbourne, Australia where they have never stepped on before.

These two entrepreneurial-spirited creative minds inspired by the vibrant City of Melbourne and its multi-cultural and diverse community. Matching their values with the Australian community, "Respect one another" & "Equality for all", they started the journey of BY AVALON.

"AVALON" is the epic and miraculous "Island of Apple" in the medieval English mythology where the legendary King Arthur was conveyed to heal his wounds after his final battle. 

"BY" stands for the initials of the creative minds behind the BY AVALON collection, Burak & Yavuz! 

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